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The quality of fabrics has a meaning

The quality of fabrics has a meaning


Each of us is responsible for the planet. Fashion is one of the business sectors that is strongly responsible for pollution, so it must be directly admitted that it will never be eco-friendly due to the enormous water consumption. Additionally mass consumption of the clothes, the process of their production, as well as the poor quality of materials that in consequence provide the short life of the clothes, providing large amounts of discarded clothes. But making conscious choices we can harm the planet less and be more sustainable. Just responsible choices and caring about the origin of fabrics and the way it is made and the way of producing clothing.  

This can be changed. The clothes with the OTTHIE label are created to be not only universal and stylish but to be made of good quality materials of natural origin, as well as recycled artificial materials. This is what the brand OTTHIE has in its DNA.

Otthie textiles bambooBamboo textiles


otthie textiles linoLino Textiles


otthie textiles cottonCotton Knitwear

otthie textiles viscoseViscose Textile


otthie textiles recycled polyesterRecycled polyester

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OTTHIE spring-summer campaign

OTTHIE spring-summer campaign